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Piercingli amcıklı tatlı genç kız anal ve fetish bağlantısına bayılıyor

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18 December 2012 - 14:27My Paysites Clips Collection (Updated Hourly!)

Best Porn by and for Lesbians
Lesbian and queer-friendly pornography and erotica
When it comes to pervy pleasures, it’s a pretty well-known fact that ladies tend to be less visual than men. There’s an endless supply of smut for men of every fetish and orientation, and very, very little for us girls. In most mainstream sex shops, the “lesbian section” features uber femme bleach blond straight girls having delhi escort service sex exactly the way straight men wish we did—but not fooling any real lesbian viewers. Your best bet for good girl-on-girl eye candy is to check out smaller companies or brave the unlimited options of the Internet.
This Web site features alternative porn for and by people of all genders and orientations. Expect lots of drag, strap-ons and general gender-bending, alongside some more vanilla (yet hot) photo sets. Membership is really cheap ($60 for six months) and new pictures and videos are added frequently.
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Cyber-Dyke Sex Network
This is an online collection of naughty, all-girl images and videos, ranging from artistic erotica to nastier fetish porn. Plus, a Cyber-Dyke model told me firsthand that the site owners are cool, professional and easy to work with—I’ve always found porn hotter when I know the starlets are kept happy.
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Hard Love & How to F**k in High Heels
This super sexy double DVD from S.I.R. videos features a multiracial cast of amateur porn
real queer girls, plenty of dildo action, real orgasms, and some helpful advice for strapping it on safely in wobbly stilettos.
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Sugar High Glitter City
A delightful combo of hot filth and pseudo-sci-fi, Sugar High Glitter City takes place in a future dystopia where sugar is illegal. To get their fix, candy-craving women begin working as street prostitutes. Hot, kitschy fun! Bonuses: there’s a fun soundtrack, glittery costumes and deliciously clichéd corrupt butch cops, plus the stars all have great, classically porno names, like Hella Getto and Chester Drawers.
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Coming Home
The first of this series of vignettes features a big, curvy butch-femme couple: the deliciously hot women we never get to see in mainstream porn. The other three scenes include a gorgeous femme couple, two 40+ women, and a multi-racial couple role-playing as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. All four couples reportedly get it on off-camera as well, making for hot onscreen chemistry.
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Lesbian Love, Vol. 1
This well-shot, mostly femme-on-femme film might not do much for butch-loving viewers, though the entire cast is super hot, and does include two punky androgynous girls. The film’s four two-girl scenes include some great classic porn clichés: curious schoolgirls learn about sex; a TV repairwoman walks in on a hot girl masturbating.
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Anything by Shine Louise Houston
One of the grande dames of lesbian porn, Houston’s responsible for three of my favorites: The Crash Pad, both on the Web and DVD, tells of a mysterious San Francisco apartment, where women who are granted a key can go and f**k each other to their heart’s content. The camera work and editing is refreshingly professional, and the sex absolutely believable. Superfreak is a fun, 1980s-inspired sex party, attended by sexy dykes and the ghost of Rick James. In Search of the Wild Kingdom is a hot mockumentary on the mating habits of San Francisco lesbians. Like Houston’s other films, this one features funny, entertaining dialogue interspersed with very hot and believable sex scenes, and a multiracial cast of real queer women.
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Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn
So maybe it doesn’t quite count as an actual porn flick itself, and it’s not exclusively lesbian, but this retrospective features the best and worst moments in the 150+ films on the queer porn goddess’s resume. Though you could make the case (kind of weakly) for it being more cinematic history than straight up pornography, there are enough sweltering, sexy moments to keep an audience captive.

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